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fishy_custard's Journal

The Doctor Approves!
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Silly Community Is Silly
This is the place to be as Doctor Who silly-centric as you like! We're not just limited to fish custard, we just love everything about Doctor Who and the magic that Matt and Karen are bringing to the show!

Post your fish custard eating adventures, post other videos, write the silliest fic you can, squee over episodes and generally have fun!

All we ask is that you don't use flashing icons please - be nice to the epileptic members out there!

Also, be excellent to each other; serious debate doesn't belong here because we're silly, and the mods will send the Daleks in to tickle you if you get too serious!

Your mods are:

gipsy_dreamer - Maintainer and troll squisher

moosical - Mediator when neccessary and generally calm and rational person

iftherainstops - Bringer of coolness and help with layouts

If you are experiencing any issues with another member or have any general questions please contact one of us as we will be happy to help.

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